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Why Basements?

Going down is going up

Not everyone is as big a fan of lower ground floor, basement and garden flat properties as we are. Here are some of the reasons why it’s worth not ruling them out when considering your next property:

1. VALUE FOR MONEY: - You get a better £ per square foot than any other floor. This also means that you don’t have to compromise on location

2. YOUR OWN ENTRANCE: - Having your own front door as opposed to sharing a communal part means complete privacy and less disturbance

3. OUTSIDE SPACE: - Being at the bottom of the building means outside space is often attached to the property, and not only at the back. Disused and highly valuable space is normally available at the front of the flat too.

4. MORE SECURE: - Research has concluded that basement and lower ground floor properties are less at risk of being burgled than other floors. To read our recent news article about basement flat security please click here

5. OPPORTUNITIES TO EXTEND: - What outside space provides – be it a courtyard, garden or disused space at the front of the property – is the opportunity to refurbish or extend. It’s another added bonus when buying a lower ground floor property.

Convinced? Call us on 020 7938 3322 today to discuss your requirements. We would only be too happy help.

Photo courtesy of Mark-Anthony Conti - photo features bespoke designed under-vault kitchen Queen's Gate, SW7. Designed by Mark-Anthony Conti.

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